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Characteristics of PVC Garden Hose Products


PVC garden hose plays an important role in life. The General specifications of this type of water pipe can be divided into 4 and 6 points. The inner and outer layers are basically made of materials. The production process is very advanced and the performance is very superior. PVC garden hose in the use process will not cause any pollution to the environment, and will not cause any impact on people’s health, so it has been welcomed by people.
Today I’m going to talk about the PVC garden hose we use in gardens and vegetable gardens. Your garden needs PVC garden hose!
Not only our own garden, property management community or road greening need, today we will learn about PVC.
Notes for the use of PVC garden hose and the characteristics of PVC garden hose products.
PVC garden hose: Product characteristics:
1. Appearance color of PVC garden hose: mainly blue, yellow and green, with beautiful and generous features. And can also be customized according to user needs of a variety of colors.
2. The characteristics of PVC garden hose: the length of water pipe can be spliced arbitrarily when used, it is easy to move, has strong mobility, can be disassembled when stored, and occupies small space.
3. PVC garden hose performance characteristics: strong corrosion resistance, cold and pressure resistance, not easy to aging, deformation, service life longer than rubber pipe and other plastic pipes.
4. Application scope of PVC garden hose: The products are widely used. At present, they are mainly used for drainage and irrigation in farmland, gardens, grasslands, mining areas, oil fields, buildings and other places.
PVC garden hose, especially the building materials industry, accounts for the largest proportion, about 60%, followed by the packaging industry, there are also some small-scale applications.
Advantages of PVC garden hose:
PVC garden hose is the main product of Goldsione plastic. Because of its good performance advantages, PVC garden hose has been recognized by consumers and used in many occasions. PVC garden hose has the following advantages: PVC garden hose has the advantages of high compressive strength, low laying requirements, simple installation and connection, light and durable structure, low comprehensive cost and so on, which has won the unanimous praise of old and new customers.
The product characteristics of PVC garden hose are introduced below.
PVC garden hose products are made of PVC synthetic materials and high strength fibre filaments. They are bright in color, light in weight, soft and elastic in all seasons, easy to move, good weather resistance, and can be bended arbitrarily. They can be used on uneven rock and soil surface. It can be rolled freely in the environment of 0 65 C. It is an ideal supporting product for garden irrigation, community factory, mine and household cleaning, vehicle washing and daily cleaning.
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