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Application scope of mist sprayer

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:September 17, 2018

Mist sprayer is widely used in greenhouses, agriculture, forestry, orchards, grasslands, urban environmental protection, open-air crop fertilization and disinfection and sterilization. Such as greenhouses and fruit trees. Corn, cotton, rice, wheat, tea, citrus and other crops insecticidal, sterilization, can be used for forest tree insecticidal, effective, is a forest insecticidal tools. It can also be used for sanitation, epidemic prevention and disinfection, such as urban underground, garbage dumps, toilets, warehouses, stations, docks, airports, and other disinfection, sterilization.
1. Water fog; crops mainly sprayed by water fog, such as fruit trees, greenhouses, corn, wheat, cotton, sugar cane, chestnut, bananas, tea gardens, flowers and so on.
Drug dispensing method: According to the degree of disease and insect pests and the conventional way of dispensing 1 mu of land dosage and water mixed into the medicine box, you can spray about 1.2 mu. Mist sprayer should be uniform when spraying, covering the crops to be comprehensive. The fog can be hovered in space for 5-10 minutes to achieve the best results. When spraying, the nozzle must stay away from crops (80-100 centimeters) to damage crops. The correct spraying method is to spray down for 1-2 seconds after a short period of flat spraying, so that when the fog meets ground resistance, it rises up to the back of the crop to make it adhere. 2. Smoke: Non-edible crops are the main crops sprayed by smoke. In addition, they can be used before flowering. The planting area is more convenient than ambassador.
Method of dispensing: Mix 4.5 kg diesel oil with 0.5 kg solubilizer, add about 22 kg water, about 3 kg pesticide, and inject at least 2-3.5 Mu at a time. The correct spraying method is to spray the fog between the tree trunk and the crown, so that the fog meets ground resistance, rising to the back of the leaves generally adhered to the medicine. The above pesticide ratio is only for reference. The actual standard of pesticide formulation can be adapted to local conditions according to the degree of diseases and insect pests and the resistance of crops.

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