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How to mix pesticide with mist sprayer?


Mist sprayer is mainly composed of medicine box, pressure pump, motor, discharge pipe, blower, high-pressure nozzle, intelligent control switch, car, rocking mechanism and so on. The pressure pump is connected with the high-pressure sprinkler through the discharge pipe. The intelligent control switch controls the work of the motor, the fan and the swing mechanism, and realizes the prevention of diseases and insect pests in the greenhouse or the control of humidity. This machine can obtain different droplet diameters by many ways, such as changing the nozzle piece with different nozzle hole diameters, changing the working pressure of pressure pump or adjusting the installation distance of upper and lower nozzle bodies. It not only has the characteristics of independent spray, high efficiency, perfect safety protection measures, but also can detect humidity and temperature in greenhouse timely and achieve intelligent control.
There are many skills and cautions for mobile pulse mist sprayer.
(1) to use clean gasoline above 90#, do not suck oil from never clean and impurity containers.
(2) Powder and foliar fertilizer should be fully dissolved and stirred in plastic drums and filtered through a filter in a funnel before being added.
(3) The cover of the fuel tank should be tightly sealed when starting the charging, and the sealing of the fuel tank should be checked before starting the spraying, otherwise the atomization effect will be affected.
(4) Put oil into the air pipe regularly to lubricate, and remove the battery in time when the machine is not in use, so as to improve the service life of the air pipe and the battery.
(5) If the machine suddenly shuts down due to other reasons, the nozzle must be switched down quickly and the spray switch must be turned off at the same time. Otherwise, the back-flow of the liquid will cause a time-consuming reboot in the oiler; the back-flow of the liquid will also cause the spark plug not to ignite, which requires cleaning or using the residual heat of the machine to evaporate or replace the liquid. The spark plug will start the machine again.
(6) After the winter machine is used up, it is necessary to clean up the remnant liquid in the medicine box and the medicine delivery tube, so as not to damage the oil pipeline and medicine box due to low temperature freezing.
(7) In normal extinguishment, the charge switch is closed first, and then the gas valve is closed; if the gas valve is shut off first and the charge switch is forgotten after the machine is extinguished, the charge will still be out because of the pressure released by the cartridge box. At this time, once the nozzle is up, it will still cause the liquid medicine to flow backwards in the nozzle.
(8) it is strictly prohibited to use this machine in inflammable and explosive places.
(9) do not touch the high temperature part so as not to scald.
(10) no smoking or open flame operation should be strictly prohibited when the machine is refueling.
(11) avoid strong collision of machine, do not use lightning when thunder.
(12) Operators must do a good job of self-protection, masks must not be careless to wear, see the wind to choose the appropriate location of spraying.
(13) Use pesticides scientifically, master the dosage of pesticides, and do not mix pesticides that can not be well matched, so as not to reduce the efficacy of pesticides.
(14) If the climate is too dry and the spraying effect will be affected, we should choose no wind, dew, fog and humidity as far as possible. In summer, the hot Shaanxi Guanzhong area generally chooses 5-7 a.m. and 8 p.m. after spraying better; in autumn, 6-10 a.m., after 4 p.m., if there is no wind all day can spray.
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