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What kinds of PVC hose machines are there?


What kinds of PVC hose machines are there?
There are three kinds of PVC hose machines: rubber belt, roller type and crawler type. The requirement of plastic pipe tractor is to provide certain traction force and traction speed, and the traction speed can be adjusted, the traction force can be kept constant, and the clamping force of tractor to plastic pipe should be adjusted.
Rubber belt
It is composed of rubber conveyor belt and compacting roller. The plastic pipe is pressed onto the rubber conveyor belt by compacting roller. The plastic pipe is pulled by the friction produced by the compacting force between the two. The conveyor belt is driven by power. The compacting roller is a passive roll. The compacting force can be adjusted. The traction machine has less traction force and is suitable for pulling small diameter plastic pipes.
Roller wheel
It consists of several pairs of upper and lower traction rollers, and the plastic pipes are pulled by the upper and lower rollers. The shape of the traction roller is waist roll to increase the contact area with the plastic pipe. The lower driving roller is the steel roller, the upper passive roller is the rubber roller, and the upper and the lower adjustment are arranged. But the traction force is not too large, so it is suitable for pulling medium and small diameter plastic pipes.
The upper and lower crawlers are composed of a certain number of clamping blocks. The clamping force of the clamping blocks is generated by compressed air or hydraulic system or by screw nuts. The device has the advantages of large traction force and wide speed adjustment range, and is suitable for the traction of large diameter and thin-wall plastic pipes.


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