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PVC hose classification and abnormal inspection

PVC hose classification and abnormal inspection
Classification of PVC hoses: (1) The corrugated tubes are continuously wound with tape. The common corrugated tubes are used to protect cables, such as magnetic card telephones and machine tools. The corrugated tubes of desk lamps are clamped with steel wires in the production process. (2) It is completely air-tight and water-tight, such as propellant conveying, gas and water heater for launch vehicle; abnormal inspection of PVC hose: (1) Before using hose, first confirm whether there are abnormal appearance of hose, such as trauma, hardening, softening and discoloration. (2) during the normal use of hoses, periodic inspection must be carried out once a month. The service life of the hose is largely influenced by the characteristics, temperature, velocity and pressure of the fluid. When abnormal signs are found during pre-operation inspection and periodic inspection, please stop using immediately, repair or replace new hoses.

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