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What are the raw materials of PVC hoses?


1, stabilizer series

1) Thermal stabilizers: auxiliaries used to prevent the decomposition of PVC under thermal action, are commonly used metal soaps (calcium zinc, barium cadmium zinc, etc.) and organic tin (octyl mercaptan tin and methyl mercaptan tin, etc.), and lead, because of toxicity and opacity is not used in transparent products, PVC processing must be used;

2) light stabilizer: also known as ultraviolet absorber, to prevent UV degradation of PVC;

3) Antioxidants: to prevent the degradation of PVC caused by oxygen, such as antioxidant 1010, generally have weatherability requirements of the products used; 4) auxiliary stabilizers: to improve the stability of the main stabilizer, prevent initial discoloration, such as phosphite ester;

2. Plasticizer: soften PVC and reduce processing temperature, such as DOP (DEHP), DINP, DOA (DEHA) and epoxy soybean oil (ESO).

3. Lubricant: External lubricant to prevent PVC from adhering to equipment after melting, internal lubricant to reduce the viscosity of melting materials, increase the fluidity;

4, impact modifier: improve the toughness of? VC, such as various MBS, CPE, etc. 5, processing aids: improve processing performance and plasticity; 6, coloring agent: to give the product required color, that is, pigment; 7, filler: that is, filler, cost-effective, such as calcium carbonate.

8, other auxiliaries: antistatic agents, flame retardants, foaming agents, biological inhibitors, etc. 9, main material: PVC resin.


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