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What are the factors affecting the flexibility of PVC garden hose


In the process of using PVC garden hose products, the most important concern is whether the basic scalability of products can meet the basic needs of production activities, and whether they need to meet the basic needs of production activities. Today, Weifang Goldsione Plastic Co., Ltd., a professional supplier of plastic products, briefly explains and introduces the factors affecting the flexibility of PVC garden hose. Here we will learn.
Generally speaking, PVC garden hose can be divided into three degrees of freedom: contraction, pitch and roll. Therefore, there are different control requirements for docking state to ensure that pipes can be easily controlled when combined.
The ambient temperature of PVC garden hose is also an important factor. Usually, the length of PVC garden hose will change under thermal expansion and cold contraction. At the same time, the pipe will have corresponding deformation problems. The larger the cross-sectional area is, the larger the basic force is.
Compression, wear and tear of PVC garden hose also affect the basic flexibility, high tensile strength and tear strength; for microbial hydrolysis, chemical and mineral oil corrosion and other factors are also key factors.
The above is a brief introduction and explanation about the influencing factors of the flexibility of PVC garden hose, which Weifang Goldsione Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has organized and shared for you. I hope it will be helpful for your production activities. Welcome to our company for consultation.

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