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Analysis of Maintenance Skills and Quality Identification Method of PVC Garden hose Products


After Unicom PVC garden hose, when applying pressure, first slowly open/close any valve, in order to avoid forming impact pressure and damaging PVC garden hose. With the change of its internal pressure, it will expand and contract slightly. When using, please cut the hose into a slightly longer length than you need. The smaller parts of text and lines can be designed as a single package in order to avoid inaccurate multicolor overprinting. Especially for the width design of thin lines, in order to avoid unclear handwriting of printed products, the width should not be less than 0.1 mm.
In the printing of anti-white characters, we should look forward to the font preview in advance. If the font on the PVC garden hose is smaller, use monochrome. Cylindrical, black PVC garden hose, PVC garden hose printing should pay attention to what isoline is the better choice. Place the plastic hose on the plane, use the plug to block one side of the hose, keep sealed, insert a solid ball, butt the other end with the vacuum pump of the vacuum meter, test the hose pressure value within 60 seconds, and keep the pressure for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, you can check the outside of the hose to see if there is any depression or collapse.
PVC garden hose as a basic industry plastic pipe, can promote and ensure the smooth progress of production activities in all walks of life, in the use of PVC garden hose need to be well maintained. Today, for your simple explanation and introduction of PVC garden hose product maintenance techniques, the following will be a simple understanding and understanding.
1. The use of PVC garden hose needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that warm water is used in cleaning process. It is not allowed to wash with overheated or supercooled water to avoid the problems of deformation and bursting of hose. At the same time, the PVC garden hose can not be installed immediately after cleaning. It needs to be cleaned and placed in a ventilated place for drying and air-drying, and then installed.
2. Check the basic ventilation leakage of PVC garden hose regularly to avoid problems such as blockage of ventilator leading to no dust collection or working pressure not meeting the needs of production activities. For blockage phenomenon, it is necessary to poke it out in time to ensure normal use.
3. In the process of using PVC garden hose, clean storage should be done to avoid potential quality and safety hazards of PVC garden hose, and to ensure and maintain the smooth progress of basic production activities and save costs.

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