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Introduction and operating instructions of mist sprayer

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 08, 2018

Thank you for your understanding and use of the company introduced pulse Mist machine, it is a modern science and technology spraying machine, the use of space rocket pulse jet engine design and manufacture of new technology products, the whole machine without a rotating part, it is not  A maintenance-free engine lubricated with oil. There is no mechanical wear under any circumstances, durable. At present, the machine has been widely used in greenhouses, agriculture, forestry, orchards, pasture city environmental protection, open-crop applications fertilization and disinfection.




Greenhouse use:


1, Save time and effort. 100-meter-long greenhouses can be sprayed in 10 minutes.


2, Quick. Mist spray machine produces fine particles of strong penetration, can be directly through the plant canopy insecticide, sterilization, leaving no dead ends.


3, Lasting effect, increase the temperature. 0.5-10 micron drug particles, floating in the air for a long time, in winter when the greenhouse temperature is too low, the machine can be used as a greenhouse to raise the temperature of the machine [machine air spray flame temperature].


4, Reduce humidity, increase production and income. Mist fog machine particles subtle, diffuse even, is the development of green pollution-free vegetables the best supporting machinery.


Open crop use:


1, Provincial medicine, less water, less pollution. Due to the subtle drug particles, play full, greatly reducing the input of pesticides. Save money, save water, but also reduce pollution. Particularly adapted to mountainous areas, hills, plateaus and other water-stressed areas.


2, High rate of insecticidal sterilization. The company specializes in the development of Mist fog dual-use machine dedicated diffuser has a very strong insecticidal and bactericidal effect, the diffuser has strong adhesion, anti-rain erosion, anti-weathering, the proliferation of large-area characteristics, suitable for a variety of The ratio of pesticides use [such as: foliar fertilizer, insecticide fungicide, powder, etc.].


3, Increase the temperature. Sprouting in the spring when the crops, the spray has the effect of increasing the surface temperature, to prevent freeze-frozen fruit and other effects.


4, High range, flat spray cover a large area. Spray smoke up to more than 50 meters. And drug particles small, strong penetration, suitable for high pole and density of plants. Such as Chalin, forests, fruit trees, in the late wheat, cotton, corn and so on.





Operation essentials:


Start up :


1, Before starting the machine installed on the battery, add more than 90 gasoline, tighten the fuel tank cap, the throttle adjustment wheel clockwise to the minimum. Do not tighten the screw too tight so as not to injure the needle, and then to the opposite direction to open about 90 degrees. Press and hold the power button in your right hand, hear the left hand cheer after the ignition click, the machine does not have to press the power button and cheer up.


2, To remind you: the first time the machine needs to open the big throttle and then cheer on the oil on the pipe full of oil before starting operation.


3, When the machine can not start, do not worry, pay attention to cheer effort. And follow: “start – listen to – to determine the throttle is still small,” and other programs, continue to start after the appropriate adjustment on the line.


4, Each time you start, you will find that the starting point of 90 degrees will not be in a fixed position. This is because of the thermal expansion and contraction of the oil needle and the nozzle. Therefore, you should tighten and tighten each hot start Big throttle to find 90 degrees, remember it: This is very important! The first contact with the pulse of power Machine start difficulty is understandable, do not rush to practice proficiency it!


5, Need to turn off the throttle when the top of the wheel can be adjusted. Do not turn off the small throttle when the machine is not completely cooled, because shutting down the small throttle will hurt the oil needle due to thermal expansion and contraction.


6, Indicator paper on the throttle adjustment wheel After the machine is working for some time, it will move due to the degumming of the oil. When you find the start point of 90 degrees before starting, you will find the wrong position because the paper sticker is moved. Adjust the wheel edge engraved mark will be able to solve the problem.


Open field, orchard dosing methods and dosage:


1, Whether it is liquid agent, powder, emulsifiable pesticide or foliar fertilizer, please do not add it in the medicine box directly. First in a plastic bucket filled with 22 pounds -26 pounds of pesticides, foliar and other fully dissolved Stir, and then by the Mongolian filter, add large filter hopper into the medicine box, so easy to produce phytotoxicity And lose the tube blocked and so on. Medicine suction nozzle copper metal filter on the best removed, you can not.


2, The dosing amount of a medicine box should not exceed the dosage of 400 pounds of water of the traditional motorized sprayer. Such a box of good pesticide can spray approximately 2.5 acres of apple orchard, for reference only.


3, According to the above method after the medicine is tightened, tighten the medicine box cover. The medicine box is a pressure vessel must be sealed and found that the seal is not good, the seal can be wrapped around raw tape to solve the problem of sealing. Raw tape like tape in hardware stores have sales. Remember not to use too much force to tighten the medicine cover, otherwise it will screw the cover thread, affecting the sealing effect.


Greenhouse dosing methods and dosage:


Greenhouse vegetables and greenhouses fruit fight drugs, seedling stage and the amount of medication in accordance with the past, you can use the traditional dosage of muffle sprayer can be added, a box of liquid maximum watertight should not exceed the amount of conventional backpack sprayer 4 times as good . Join method is also need to dissolve in the plastic bucket first stir, then add the filter box, which is the same with the field dosing method is the same.

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