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How to use the mobile mist sprayer correctly?


1. Before using, carefully check whether the connecting parts are tightened, whether there is oil leakage or water leakage, and add lubricating oil to the lubricating points. Before adding medicine, test with water before making sure that there is no leakage.
2. Do not over-fill the liquid when adding, so as to avoid the liquid from the filter outlet overflow into the fan shell or overflow machine, causing mechanical or personal accidents. After the medicine is added, the lid of the medicine box must be tightly covered.
3. When spraying, the nozzles should be slightly tilted down and swinging to the left and right. The number of times of oscillation is generally better by swinging one step at a time, so that the spray can be evenly sprayed. The nozzle should be kept at a distance of 30~40 cm from the crop so as not to damage crops by wind.
4, because mist particles are very thin, it is not easy to directly observe the spray effect. Under normal circumstances, as long as the leaves of the crops are blown by the air, it is indicated that the fog has arrived. Compared with the manual sprayer, the mist concentration of the mist sprayer is 2~10 times higher than that of the manual sprayer. Drug damage. 5. After the operation, the residual liquid should be poured out in time, and then the liquid tank, liquid pump and pipeline should be cleaned with clean water. After cleaning, clean water should be removed and dried to prevent corrosion of the machine parts.


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