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How to eliminate troubleshooting for mist sprayer?


Mist sprayer plays an important role in controlling crop diseases and insect pests. If mist sprayer fails, it will have a negative impact on the control effect of crop diseases and insect pests. Therefore, it is necessary to master some knowledge and skills of mist sprayer repair. This paper introduces the troubleshooting methods of common two-stroke gasoline mist sprayer troubleshooting.
Low speed, easy to extinguish.
This fault is caused by serious carbon deposition in the cylinder of gasoline engine. Elimination: decompose the engine, the cylinder head plane, the top of the piston into kerosene immersion for 1 Oh or so, with bamboo to wipe off the coke. No metal scraps can be scraped away to prevent damage to parts. After adjustment, the needle is adjusted to reduce the concentration of the mixture. The method is to move the flat clip spring on the oil needle up 1-2 grid, start the engine to check, with a piece of white paper toward the exhaust port, see whether there are any oil marks ejected from the paper. If so, move the flat clip spring on the oil needle upward until the oil needle is adjusted to the point where no fine oil mist has been ejected.
Engine difficult to start
Under the normal condition of oil circuit, there are two reasons for this kind of fault: first, the high-voltage line connecting spark plug has a short circuit phenomenon, usually a serious leakage occurs at one end of the spark plug, as long as the leakage part is cut off or a new high-voltage line is replaced, the fault can be eliminated; second, the spark plug leakage can be measured by multimeter resistance. Measuring the insulation resistance between the center electrode and the side electrode of the spark plug, the normal resistance is infinite, that is, the meter needle does not move, if the meter needle swings, indicating that the spark plug leakage, the greater the swing of the meter needle, the more serious the leakage, should be replaced with a new spark plug.


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