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How to Solve Common Quality Problems in PVC Lay Flat Hose Production?



PVC lay flat hoses are extensively used in lots of fields. Therefore, the quality of PVC lay flat hoses could be very important. Then, how to solve the quality troubles of PVC lay flat hoses?

The Matte Surface

This phenomenon happens withinside the PVC lay flat hose due to the fact the die temperature is just too low, the internal wall of the die isn’t always dry, the net compressed air delivery is inadequate, or the air leaks.

To remedy this trouble, you may as should be boom the temperature and smooth the mildew. At the equal time boom, the air delivers or takes a look at the air leakage and restores it.

Uneven Wall Thickness

This trouble can be resulting from the wrong positioning of mandrel and mildew, choppy plasticization, atypical traction, volatile compressed air, or volatile head temperature.

To remedy this trouble, first, alter the middle function of PVC lay flat hose mandrel and mildew, then take a look at the traction tool, fortify the manage of plasticizing system, take a look at whether or not the heating tool of the system head is intact, and stabilize the temperature across the system head.

Black Stripes on The Surface

This state of affairs of PVC lay the flat hose on the market is because of choppy dispersion of uncooked cloth additives, negative uncooked cloth fluidity, the excessive temperature of the head and clear out display screen, the negative shape of head clear out the display screen and shunt plate, and failure to smooth clear out and lead.

Because of this state of affairs, first, take a look at the clear-out out display screen and shunt plate and smooth the clear-out display screen. You can select to enhance the uncooked cloth formula, fortify mixing, enhance the dispersion overall performance and decrease the temperature as it should be.

Surface Wrinkles and Ripples

Wrinkles and ripples seem at the floor of the PVC lay flat hose, particularly because of choppy mildew discharge in the course of the manufacturing process, immoderate mildew temperature or choppy heating, and inadequate cooling and cooling water delivery. The putting tool reasons the water temperature to be too excessive and the towing velocity is just too gradual.

Given this trouble, the temperature may be decreased by adjusting the mildew hole and checking whether or not the heating tool of the PVC lay flat hose is damaged. It also can boom the water delivery and accelerate the towing velocity.

Cracks Appear on The Inner Wall

Cracks at the internal wall of the PVC lay flat hose are particularly resulting from the integration of uncooked substances with impurities. It can also be that the temperature of the mandrel and barrel is low, the traction velocity is just too fast, and there may be an excessive amount of lubricating oil.

In this case, the uncooked cloth may be pretreated to boom the temperature of the center mildew and barrel of the PVC lay flat hose, and gradually down the traction velocity.


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