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How to Repair a PVC Garden Hose?


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Multifunctional and sturdy, the PVC garden hose is one useful household tool, often handled with nonchalant disdain. However, hysteria sets in when the hose develops leaks and seems to be spraying water wildly with a vengeance.

Repairing a leaking garden hose is simple and the location of the leak is what determines the kind of repair it needs.

Most items and spare parts needed to repair the PVC garden hose are available at home improvement stores and sites such as eBay for online shoppers. These are simple DIY jobs that extend the life of the PVC garden hose, so the owner need not spend money for a new one.

Methods to Repair PVC Garden Hoses

A PVC garden hose develops leaks for several reasons such as excessive water pressure, accidental cuts, a faulty faucet, or damaged hose connectors.

However, these glitches are no reason for hose replacement, and for each type of leak, repair methods exist. These repairs are easy to undertake using a few common household tools and other items readily available.

Repairs to Faulty Hose End Connectors

The threaded spout on the outdoor faucet is the water source for the PVC garden hose. The two connect using hose end connectors and couplers. There are nozzles and other attachments that connect to the opposite end of the PVC garden hose.

Hose end connectors usually comprise metallic or plastic male and female threaded connectors, joined by couplers, into which the male and female threaded connectors simply snap in from either end.

Damage to the couplers or connectors can result in leaks. After removing the old fitting and a small portion of the hose, the new fittings clamp in place, after sliding the fitting into the open end of the hose. Rubbing some dish soap on the fitting or dipping the hose end into hot water makes it easy to insert the fitting into the hose.

Repairs to PVC Garden Hose with a Hole

A small rupture or crack can occur anywhere along the length of the PVC garden hose, resulting in leakage. Repairs of this nature would entail snipping off the damaged portion from either end and joining the divided PVC garden hose.

Homeowners do this using a metallic hose repair kit or barb kit that comprises male and female threaded inserts and two metal clamps, one set for each divided hose part. The clamps tightly seal the joined parts to the inserts on either end.

For a tiny hole, simply applying hose repair glue or electrical tape on the dried and cleaned surface of the PVC garden hose does the trick.

Repairing a Faulty Faucet

The faucet or hose bib develops leaks due to various reasons such as backward pressure from a sprinkler.

Before starting any repair job, homeowners must shut off the main water supply, which remains off until the repairs are complete.

  • Drain all water that may remain in the faucet spout.
  • The leak from the faucet handle happens because the packing nut itself has come loose or because of a damaged valve washer within the packing nut.
  • Loosen the packing nut and wrap about 8 inches of Teflon tape around the thread where the packing nut rests. This seals the packing nut to stop the leak.

However, if the leak persists, the packing nut washers need replacement. Remove the damaged washers and buy replacement washers using the samples to get correct sizes.

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