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How to Connect a PVC Garden Hose to PVC hose?


Connect a PVC Garden Hose to PVC hose

Home and garden projects occasionally require a creative solution to a simple problem. When extending a PVC hose out to the garden, perhaps from an existing spigot, rain barrel, or gray water system, the homeowner may want to attach a garden hose to the end of the hose. Whether attaching a spigot or providing a direct connection for the hose, a few tools, hose fitting or spigot, and PVC solvent cement resolve the homeowner’s problem.


1. Select a Connector

Connectors, also known as couplings or hose fittings, range from a simple PVC hose fitting to a spigot, which allows the homeowner to turn the water on and off at the PVC garden hose and hose connection. In some cases, a reducer may be necessary to attach the hose fitting or spigot. Before going to the plumbing supply, check the size of the PVC hose; it is printed on the side of the hose. When looking at connectors, remember that male parts have the threads on the outside and female parts have the threads on the inside of the connector.

2. PVC Hose Fitting

In some cases, a simple threaded hose fitting is sufficient for the homeowner’s needs. The PVC hose fitting slips onto the PVC hose with the threaded end exposed, ready to attach a PVC garden hose. Some hose fittings have threads at both ends, ready to fit onto a threaded connector or reducer.

3. Spigot

A spigot, or faucet, allows the homeowner to turn on or shut off the water quickly. The end of the spigot screws onto a connector, which is attached to the PVC hose. Available in brass or PVC, a spigot is a convenient method of attaching a PVC garden hose to a PVC hose.

4. Reducer

A reducer, or reducing coupling, is a connector that reduces the PVC hose to a size that fits onto the hose fitting or spigot. For example, attaching a 3/4-inch spigot to a 1-inch PVC hose requires a transitional piece to ensure a secure fit.

5. Take Protective Measures

When working with PVC hose, cutters, connectors, PVC primer, and PVC solvent cement, wear gloves, safety goggles, a dust mask, long sleeves, long pants, and shoes to protect the hands, eyes, lungs, and skin.

6. Prepare the PVC hose

Before attaching connectors or a spigot, prepare the PVC hose. First, use a ratcheting hose cutter to cut the end of the PVC hose square or flat, so it fits precisely into the connector. After cutting, use sandpaper to buff the end of the hose to smooth any sharp or ragged edges. Wipe all parts with a clean rag. A PVC cleaner helps remove lingering dust.

7. Attach the Pieces

Dry fit all the pieces together to ensure a tight fit. Every part should fit snugly without forcing it onto the next piece, and it should not fall off if turned upside down. Separate the parts, placing them in order according to the assembly.

8. Prime and Glue

Begin by applying a coat of primer to the PVC hose and the first piece. Using the attached swab, apply a generous, but not dripping, amount of primer. Before the primer dries, apply a thick coat of PVC solvent cement over the primer. Pause to allow the solvent to soften the PVC surface, and then apply a second coat of the cement. Push the two pieces together, twisting one quarter turn to seal the parts together. Hold them in place for 30 seconds. Repeat the process with additional pieces as needed. Wipe off the excess cement with a clean rag before it hardens.

9. Wait for 24 Hours

Before attaching the PVC garden hose and testing the connections, wait for 24 hours for the PVC solvent cement to cure. If attaching a brass spigot to a threaded PVC connector, wait until the solvent cement has cured. Use plumber’s tape on the threads and screw the spigot into the PVC connector. Avoid using a male brass spigot on a female PVC connector because it may crack the PVC if tightened too much. Attach the PVC garden hose and turn on the water.


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