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How to improve the service life of PVC hose machine?


Different PVC hose machine has its unique feeding area, compression ratio, the screw in the vertical and horizontal material shear and mixing more efficient, better plasticizing ability Therefore, it is especially suitable for producing plastic products with PVC powder filled with high calcium as raw material.
However, the concomitant problem is that the barrel screw of a conical twin-screw PVC hose machine suffers from poor service life problems due to the high productivity of the extruder.
Domestic, those small size, high hardness of inorganic calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide to a relatively high, more than 30% or even more than 150% of the proportion of incorporation, mixed with a lot of impurities recycled plastic often used as The main raw materials, barrels and screws in the solid phase friction with these materials increasingly difficult to sustain.
In order to obtain more superior plasticization ability, the material is extruded from a large inlet port of a super-cone extruder to a smaller extrusion end, which further aggravates the dry friction of the solid phase, resulting in a small hole end of the barrel and a small screw Diameter section wear is particularly serious; due to the screw to withstand the back pressure than the average single-screw extruder and parallel twin-screw extruder is larger, and in the cone of double barrel material can be obtained within a short moving distance superior plasticization Ability, specially designed screw helix angle, pitch, meshing gap, but also aggravate the screw to bear the shear wear; and when the distribution box in the thrust bearing due to overwhelming possible wear and tear will also lead to the screw face of the screw Side even in the axial friction with the adjacent screw side, then even worse.
We also have to mention the corrosion of the barrel screw and the high temperature oxidation of the chloride ion released by the PVC during the plasticizing process. All of these make the core parts of the conical twin-screw extruder and the service life of the mold even more Critical factors can not be ignored.
So how do we improve the life of PVC hose machine and molds, etc.?

1, choose the mature technology manufacturers extruder and auxiliary machines, because of their sales of large machines, the choice of materials and nitriding, coating treatment are increasingly professional and mature;

2, the operation of the machine according to operating procedures, formula design to follow the internal and external lubrication balance, stable composition sufficient, according to the survey of the country about 70% of the manufacturers using the formula are more or less problems, the amount of lubrication improper plasticization mostly rely on Screw cutting, in order to prevent the paste and increase the amount of external lubrication, severe wear on the machine, or lack of stability, pvc thermal decomposition caused by equipment corrosion;

3, the boot and the last clean machine, the material formula can not simply use too high filler formula, but should pay attention to the addition of external lubrication to prevent serious pvc hose machine wear;

4, the use of the pvc hose machine is completed, rusty parts pay attention to polishing and plating treatment, the surface is coated with antioxidant oil;

5, the machine is used for a period of time to carry out maintenance, pay attention to changes in lubricating oil, generally every 4000 hours to replace the oil and lubricants, pay attention to the inspection of motor carbon brush, nut pay attention to rust and oil processing, good use of the machine records;

6, the process of using the machine, pay attention to the cleaning of the pvc hose machine surface to prevent the material from hot corrosion of the surface;

7, pay attention to the quality of raw materials, poor quality raw materials inside the high impurity content, and some even contain corrosive ingredients, buy cheaper expensive.
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