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How to Drill a Water Well With PVC lay flat Hose?


If you live in an area with a relatively high water table and your soil is relatively free of rocks, you can “jet” in a shallow well and have a source of water, free from the chemicals that treat drinking water from municipal water treatment facilities. Water from shallow wells is great for lay flating and washing cars. Depending on the quality of the water, it can even be used as a source for drinking and washing in your home.
Assemble PVC lay flat hose
• Reduce the 2-inch threads on the end of the steel hose down to smaller fittings, terminating in a female fitting sized to the standard male end threads of a lay flat hose. Use an assortment of hose fittings for this. Include a pair of 90-degree elbows in this step so when the hose is attached, it will be running parallel to the length of steel hose.
• Swab one end of the PVC hose and the inside of the end of the PVC well point that will attach to the hose with PVC hose-cleaning solvent, using the applicator attached to the lid of the can. Allow the cleaning solvent to dry completely.
• Swab the cleaned ends of the hose and well point with PVC cement, then insert the end of the hose into the end of the well point with a rotating motion.
• Hold the well point and hose together for 30 seconds to allow the cement to set.
Jetting the Well
• Attach a lay flat hose to the fitting on the end of the steel hose and connect the other end of the hose to a water supply.
• Raise the steel hose to a vertical position and hold it there.
• Turn on the water from the water hydrant, full force. Have a helper handle this.
• Hold the hose in a vertical position. Water will leak out at the bottom where the end contacts the soil and at first, air and bubbles will be forced out as the steel hose fills with water. Once the hose is completely full of water, the water pressure coming out the end of the hose will begin to wash away the soil supporting the hose and the weight of the hose will cause it to start sinking into the ground.
• Allow the hose to sink downward. Apply additional downward pressure by hand as needed. Stop when all but a foot of the steel hose has sunk into the ground. Shut off the water at the water source.
• Installing the Well
• Remove all the hose fittings from the top of the steel hose.
• Lift the PVC hose and well point to a vertical position and insert the well point into the top of the steel hose jutting out of the ground.
• Lower the PCV hose/well point inside the hose until it bottoms out. You will now have the steel hose sunk almost all the way in the ground and approximately 4½ feet of PVC hose extending up out of the steel hose.
• Remove Steel Hose
• Slide the steel hose up off the PVC hose by attaching a chain around the steel hose and hooking the other end of the chain to the front loader on a tractor.
• Hold the PVC hose firmly in place as the tractor begins to extract the steel hose. By the time the steel hose is raised to the top of the PVC hose, the PVC will be firm enough that the remainder of the steel hose can be removed without pulling out the PVC.
• Continue removing the steel hose, repositioning the chain as needed until the hose is completely up and off the PVC.
• Attach the Pump
• Plumb the PVC hose as needed to attach it to a pump to pull the water out of the ground.
• Include a check valve between the well point and the electric jet pump.
• Attach an electric jet pump, prime the pump as per directions and start pumping water.PVC lay flat Hose


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