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What’s the difference between various kinds of agricultural PVC Lay Flat Hose?


1. It is not resistant to high temperature, variability and odor. Rubber PVC Lay Flat Hose can resist high temperature, aging and long use time. Polyurethane PVC Lay Flat Hose has higher application fields of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and freeze resistance. Rubber has better elasticity than PVC, which belongs to plastics.
2. The raw material of PVC LAY FLAT HOSE is actually a kind of vinyl polymer, and its material is a kind of non-crystalline material. In the practical use of PVC materials, stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, impact resistance agents and other additives are often added.
It has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. PVC has strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. However, it can be corroded by concentrated oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, and it is not suitable for the occasion of contacting aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Polyurethane material is the abbreviation of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a new kind of organic polymer material. It is known as the “fifth largest plastics” and has been widely used in many fields of national economy because of its excellent properties. The products are applied in light industry, construction, building materials, automobiles, national defense, aerospace, aviation, chemical industry, electronics, textiles, medical treatment and so on.
What about the rubber PVC Lay Flat Hose? Rubber is also divided into many materials, such as ternary, Ding Qing and other characteristics are different, you can tell which material it is made of, netizens can easily answer specific, otherwise this is not done.
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