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What is a non-toxic PVC garden hose?


PVC garden hose is mostly used in home cleaning, garden irrigation, etc. PVC garden hose is mostly odorous, especially in the summer after the sun through the sun taste more, this PVC garden hose emitted from the smell is very strong, smell more bad for the bad kidney function, children like it Playing with water When he comes into contact with PVC garden hose, it will affect the body’s development. This is not an exaggeration at all. And why is it that some gardens are so cheap? The PVC garden hose’s raw materials are the same. Only the use of some inferior raw materials to reduce the cost of raw materials is the reason why it is cheap.
Some PVC garden hose is not only odorless, but also can be directly used for drinking. Such a PVC garden hose, though higher in price, is practical in our family life. Why is the price high? Because the use of high-quality raw materials has been specially treated to make the garden tube nontoxic and tasteless. Do not plan to be cheap at the moment. The high-quality hose is not only flexible, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, radiation-resistant, and high-temperature resistant, but it can last 10 years under normal use conditions.
Now that PVC garden hose is inseparable from our family life, why not buy a good one and you can use it for 10 years. , Non-toxic and tasteless PVC garden hose is the best choice in family life.
Non-toxic and tasteless PVC garden hose


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