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What are the characteristics of PVC garden hose


PVC garden hose is one of the most widely used products in people’s life and production. PVC garden hose HOSE has the characteristics of low manufacturing cost, reasonable price and good application performance. Xiaobian summarizes the performance of PVC garden hose for you.
Pure polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin belongs to a class of strong polar polymer, its intermolecular force is larger, resulting in higher softening temperature and melting temperature of PVC, which generally needs 160 ~ 210 degrees Celsius to process. In addition, the substituted chlorine group in PVC molecule can easily lead to dehydrochlorination reaction of PVC resin, which leads to the degradation reaction of PVC. Therefore, PVC is extremely unstable to heat, and the temperature rise will greatly promote the deHCL reaction of PVC. The deHCL reaction of pure PVC begins at 120 C, which leads to the degradation of PVC. In view of the above two shortcomings, PVC needs to add additives in processing, so as to be able to produce a variety of soft, hard, transparent, good electrical insulation, foaming and other products to meet people’s needs. When choosing the variety and dosage of additives, we must consider all factors, such as physical-chemical properties, fluidity and moulding properties, and finally establish the ideal formula. In addition, according to different uses and processing methods, we also need to choose the type of resin.


PVC garden hosePVC garden hose


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