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Production Technology and Formula of PVC Garden Hose


Formula of PVC Garden Hose: Polyester Plasticizer

What Is Polyester plasticizer?

Polyester plasticizer is a polar polymer, and has good compatibility with PVC. Adding PVC to the formula can make the plasticizing time of PVC in different degrees in advance, as a formula raw material and auxiliary, often with DOP, epoxy big. With the strong polarity of the polyester plasticizer, the affinity to DOP in the formula is also related to the properties of other liquid plasticizer products.

When the polyester plasticizer is used in PVC products to attract and immobilize other plasticizers, not to the surface of the PVC products, the polyester plasticizer has a permanent plasticizer. It is said that polyester plasticizer can be used as an indispensable processing aid for all kinds of PVC products, especially in PVC high-grade products.

Common Applications of Polyester Plasticizer

Polyester plasticizer can be used in PVC products, especially as PVC high-grade products, widely used in oil-resistant cables, gas pipes, waterproof rolls, artificial leather, shoes, high-temperature wire coating, water tank seals, various equipment (including freezing equipment, motor vehicles), pads and bars; indoor advanced ornaments; electric Adhesive tape; oil-resistant and gasoline resistant special products. In terms of food contact, they include packaging films, beverage hoses, dairy machinery, and bottle cap gaskets.

The polyester plasticizer is used in rubber products, which can be given to rubber to cure heat resistance, oil resistance, swelling resistance and migration resistance. It can improve the processing properties of the rubber, such as reducing the viscosity of the rubber, increasing the springback and elongation of vulcanization, and decreasing the tensile strength and tear strength of the rubber, which is often used in styrene – Ding two. Rubber and NBR products.

In EVA – VC graft copolymers, polyester plasticizer can be used as hard modifiers for the formulation of PVC doors, windows, and other special-shaped materials. After adding 6~11 plasticizers as additives, the weather ability and impact of the products are excellent, and the polyester plasticizer can reach 20%~70% in the soft PVC products.

The special butadiene rubber powder is produced with polyester plasticizer, which can be used as a modifier of PVC, ABS resin and phenolic resin, which can increase the toughness of the material and improve the cold impact. The butadiene nitrile powder produced by the polyester plasticizer is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of oil-resistant products.

The polyester plasticizer is used in the PVC modifier, and the PVC modifier is used in the hard PVC formula. The brittleness of the PVC resin can be improved and the toughening effect is excellent. The polyester plasticizer is used in PVC materials. It has excellent processability and scratch resistance. It is especially suitable for all kinds of plastic products that are resistant to oil and water. During the use of PVC, the PVC resin and the liquid plasticizer (DOP) must be fully absorbed and then added to the polymer plasticizer.

The specific operation method is to add the polyester plasticizer when the PVC completely absorbs the plasticizer in the mixer. If PVC resin, DOP, and polyester plasticizer are added simultaneously, the polyester plasticizer will first absorb DOP to other plasticizers before PVC, which will lead to the incomplete plasticization of PVC, the processing performance of the product and the properties of PVC products will decrease.

The effect of adding DOP in the formula is synergistic with the plasticizing of polyester, and the performance of PVC products is improved. The polyester plasticizer can play an irreplaceable role in the improvement of the quality of the product.

Adding more than 15 quantities into the formula, the polyester plasticizer can improve the properties of the products. PVC transparent particles (pellets) vary according to their properties.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin is a kind of strong polar polymer, which has a strong intermolecular force, which leads to the high softening temperature and high melting temperature of PVC, which is generally required to be processed at 160~210 C.

The above is the recipe and key to produce PVC garden hose.


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