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Identification of plastic pvc hose by combustion method


Plastic hoses can generally burn, and the combustion phenomena of different components are different. Below is the characteristics of hoses made of various materials under the combustion test.
1, propylene PP is easy to melt and drip, and the blue smoke below the Yellow continues to burn the smell of oil.

2. Polyethylene PE is easy to melt and drip, and the upper Yellow Blue continues to burn the burning smell of paraffin.
3, polyvinyl chloride PVC is difficult to soften up, yellow and green, smoke and fire to extinguish pungent sour taste.
4, POM POM is easy to melt and drip on the blue below yellow, no smoke continues to burn, and strongly stimulates the smell of formaldehyde.
5. Polystyrene PS is easy to soften and foam orange-yellow, thick black smoke. Carbon dust continues to burn oily and bright surface with special ethylene odor.

6, nylon PA slowly melted down, foaming slowly extinguished special wool, nail smell.
7. PMMA is easy to melt and foam, light blue, white, smokeless and continue to burn, strong odor of flowers and fruits, rotten vegetables.
8, polycarbonate PC is easy to soften and blister with small amount of black smoke.
9, Teflon PTFE does not burn; the smell of hydrogen fluoride is decomposed in the fire.
10. Polyethylene terephthalate PET is easy to soften and foam orange, with a small amount of black smoke leaving the fire and slowly extinguishing the sour taste.
11. ABS of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer slowly softens and burns without dropping yellow. Black smoke continues to burn with special odor.


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