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How to test the characteristics of the hose.(don’t say you really understand thePVC lay flat hose)


Product specifications: type 8 type 65 liner glue belt;Type 13:65, 80 lining glue belt;Type 16 type 65 lined with adhesive tape.
test method .
The sample length is not shorter than 1.20 m.The sample number is 3.
The inner diameter is measured with plug gauge.The gauge is made of metal and its structure is shown in the figure below.The size and tolerances of the plug are specified in table 5.When measuring the inner diameter of the PVC lay flat hose test method, the two ends of the sample are cut horizontally, and then the two ends are measured by the plug gauge.
Inner diameter < / b > < b >
The unit length weight is weighed.The ratio of the weight to the sample length is the weight of the unit length of the hose.
Unit length weight
The water seepage test is water for the town.The water temperature is 15 ~ 30.
Connect one end of the sample to the water source and close the other end to keep the sample flat.Fill the sample with water in 2 minutes, then increase the pressure evenly to 1.1 in 1 minute and maintain pressure for 16 minutes.Starting from the 16th minute of the pressure protection, the amount of water collected is the water seepage of the sample.During the test, the water seepage flow into the tank should be blocked by the line or other appropriate method on the sample, and the water seepage in the test length should be collected into the sink.In addition, do not touch the sample.
Check whether the sample is perforated, starting from the 16th minute.Determine whether the hole is ejected by water column.
When the pressure of blasting pressure is straight blasting, after the test of water seepage is finished, the pressure will be increased evenly to the prescribed straight blasting pressure, and the pressure will be kept for 5 seconds, and the sample will not be broken.The boost time is 30 ~ 60 seconds.
Bursting pressure .
The bending blasting pressure, after measuring the seepage discharge pressure, bend the sample to the inner radius of 700mm arc.The edge of the specimen should be at the outside of the arc.The pressure should be increased evenly to the bending blasting pressure specified in table 4, and the specimen shall not be broken.The boost time is 30 ~ 60 seconds.
After the pressure of the folded blasting, after the seepage discharge pressure is measured, the sample will be folded from the center, and the sample will be folded together and fixed.Evenly apply pressure to the specified folded blasting pressure, and hold pressure for 5 seconds. The sample must not be broken.The boost time is 30 ~ 60 seconds.
Test equipment a. Electric reciprocating pump (no single cylinder reciprocating pump) : the voltage stabilizing device should be installed.
Test equipment
B. Sink: 1, 000 plus or minus 5 mm, made of non-absorbent material.
C. glass cylinder: the minimum scale is not greater than 5 ml.
D. Pressure gauge: the accuracy shall not be less than 1, the maximum range shall not be greater than 60 kg/cm 2, and shall have a stop needle device.
E. a stopwatch.
Inspection rule editing
1. The test shall be a batch of PVC lay flat hose with the same variety, same inner diameter and 1000m length.Take 100 meters from it to do the appearance test.
2. The inner diameter of the sample should meet the requirements of this standard;The arithmetic mean of the unit length weight and water seepage of the three samples should meet the requirements of this standard;A test specimen shall only carry out a blasting test of a state, and shall comply with this standard.
3. If a certain item does not meet this standard, it is allowed to reinspect the item once.The reinspection is still redoubled in the most economical way.The results of the reinspection shall meet the requirements of this standard, otherwise it is not qualified.
4. All expenses incurred by the arbitration shall be borne by the responsible party when the supply and demand parties dispute the quality of the products.
performance requirement .
The fabric layer of PVC lay flat hoses should be well woven and neat.No double warp, double warp, weft and scratch.
The thickness of PVC lay flat tube (or cover layer) shall be uniform, and the surface shall be smooth, flat, free of wrinkles or other defects.
Nominal size and tolerance of PVC lay flat hose.
The length and dimension tolerance of lay flat hoses shall be in accordance with the regulations.
PVC lay flat tubing design working pressure and pressure values should comply with the rules.
The unit length quality of PVC lay flat tube.
When the design pressure of the wet hose is 0.8mpa, the minimum blasting pressure shall not be less than 2.4mpa.When the design pressure is 1.0MPA, the minimum blasting pressure shall not be lower than 3.0MPA.When the design pressure is 1.3mpa, the minimum blasting pressure shall not be less than 3.9mpa;
The design work pressure is 0.8mpa, 1.0mpa, 1.3mpa and 1.6mpa. The unit length is 480G/M.
The pressure of design work is 0.8mpa, 1.0mpa, 1.3mpa and 1.6mpa, and the axial elongation and diameter expansion rate should not be greater than 5% under the pressure of design work.The pressure of design work is 2.0mpa and 2.5mpa, and its axial elongation and diameter should not be more than 8% under the pressure of design work.
Under the action of water pressure, the water belt should not produce counterclockwise rotation in the direction of water flow.Under the design work pressure, the torsion should not be greater than the regulation of table 6.
9. Under the water pressure of 0.8mpa, bend the water belt into the outer radius as specified in table 7, and the inner part of the bending part should not have obvious wrinkles.
There should be no adhesion between the lining (or covering).
The water belt should be able to expand immediately and without crimping, and can be rewound tightly and no leakage under the pressure of design work.
12 lining (or overlay) shall have the following physical mechanical properties.
adhesion strength .
The adhesion strength between the fabric layer and the lining (or cover) should not be less than 20N/25mm.
The elongation at break elongation of the hose is greater than the elongation of the fabric layer.
When the hot air is aged and the thermal air aging test is carried out, the strength of the bursting pressure and lining (or covering layer) of the hose should not be less than 75% of the pre-aging test value.


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