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How to professionally store PVC hose?


1.PVC hoses may be exposed to various environments when in use, and physical properties will change accordingly. Therefore, it may not be able to maintain the most suitable use state when used. When storing PVC hoses, the following points must be noted to prevent PVC hoses from undergoing property changes in the storage environment. The
2. The shelf life should be shortened by the original amount of storage time; “first-in-first-out” circulation method can be adopted. If you need to extend the storage time, such as one year, you should conduct a comprehensive inspection of PVC hose before use.
3. Temperature, humidity
The storage temperature should be maintained at 0°C/32°F to 35°C/95°F (optimum temperature 15°C/59°F). Relative humidity should not exceed 65%
4. Lighting
PVC hose should be stored in a dark place to avoid sunlight and strong artificial light. The windows in the storage area should be painted red, orange or white.
5. Ozone
Ozone can damage rubber materials. There must not be any ozone-releasing substances in the storage environment, such as mercury lamps, mercury tubes, high-voltage electrical equipment, motors, and other substances that may generate sparks and static electricity.
6. Storage environment
All PVC hoses, including hoses, must not be exposed or exposed to solvents, fuels, petroleum, grease, volatiles, acids, disinfectants, etc. In addition, metal materials such as copper, iron and manganese can also cause damage to rubber.
7. Heat source
The PVC hose storage site should be kept at a sufficient distance from the heat source (including heating equipment) to meet the temperature specifications in Article 2.3. If you can not maintain a sufficient distance should be placed insulation board.
8. Electric field and magnetic field There should be no change of electromagnetic field in the storage place. Electric field or magnetic field changes will cause current in the hose wind metal coil, which will cause PVC hose to heat up. Can produce such a strong electric field and magnetic field such as: high voltage cable and high frequency generator.
9. Storage conditions
PVC hose should not be artificially compressed, elongated or excessively deformed when stored. Do not touch any sharp metal. Store in dry conditions and store in separate areas if allowed. Hose winding crown when stored flat, should not be stacked with each other. If stacking is required, the stacking height cannot exceed the limit, and permanent deformation of the lower hose should be avoided. The heavier products should be placed below and the lighter ones can be placed above. The coil bending radius must not exceed the product’s standard minimum bend radius. Do not hang coiled PVC hose on the hook. The straight tube should be flat and not foldable.
10. Rat damage
PVC hose should be protected from rodent damage. Stores should take protective measures to prevent rodents from biting PVC hose.
11. Out of library
It should be ensured that the PVC hose is intact and meets the conditions of use. Therefore, different PVC hoses should be marked accordingly. Under special circumstances such as PVC hose storage time is long, carefully check the metal tube head before leaving the warehouse.
12. Return to Library
Before returning the hose to storage, make sure that there is no residual transport material inside. If the substance being transported is a chemical such as explosives, combustibles, or corrosive substances, special inspections should be taken. At the end of the cleaning work, check whether the PVC hose is in good condition before entering the warehouse to ensure normal use in the future.
13. Cleaning
Use a brush, sponge, flannel soaking soapy water or active cleaning agent when cleaning. Do not use metal brushes, abrasives or sharp implements.
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