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How to identify the advantages of PVC steel wire hoses?


  1. observe whether the lumen is regular and the wall thickness is uniform. The quality of the PVC steel hose has a standard circle inside and outside, and the annular pipe wall is evenly distributed. Taking PVC steel pipe with 89mm inner diameter and 7mm wall thickness as an example, the thickest part of poor quality pipe wall can reach 7.5mm? And the thinnest part can only work at 5.5mm? Under high pressure. It is easy to cause burst or deformation of PVC steel pipe due to uneven force on the pipe wall.
  2. observe whether there are bubbles or other visible objects in the wall of PVC steel hose, whether it is colorless and transparent. High quality PVC steel hose wall is crystal clear without any impurities. And the color of defective PVC steel pipe yellowing? It may be due to improper treatment in the production process of decomposition, aging? Or long-term improper storage caused by.
  3. High quality PVC steel hose has little smell of plastic, no smell of other petrochemical products. And the poor steel wire has a smell of smell, especially in hot summer?

4, high quality PVC steel hose inside and outside hose wall is smooth, good handle, and low quality hose is rough.

  1. When measuring the wall thickness? Should cut off the two ends of PVC steel pipe? Choose the middle pipe as the sample test? Prevent some illegal manufacturers to make an article at both ends of the pipe? The actual wall thickness is thinner than the two ends of the pipe.
  2. How many centimeters of steel wire should be cut at both ends of PVC steel pipe? Repeated folding steel wire? Strength and toughness of steel wire should be tested. Poor quality steel wire will break when folded in a couple of times, while high quality PVC steel wire pipes require special tools to cut. The quality of the steel wire determines the quality of the whole pipe. The PVC steel pipe with the quality problem caused by the steel wire is liable to occur irreversible deformation
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