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How to eliminate common troubles of mist sprayer?


Mist sprayer is mainly composed of engine, fan, nozzle, rack and medicine box. The machine has the characteristics of light weight, high power, easy to carry and use. Mist sprayer is a kind of plant protection machine which is suitable for large farmers. It has the advantages of high efficiency, less dosage and fine fog droplets. Spraying in the early and late summer high temperature season to prevent the liquid evaporation too fast, pay attention to labor safety protection, prevent poisoning. 1, troubleshooting__1. spray reduction or can not be sprayed: in the case of engine work, should check whether the air intake valve is open, the cartridge cover is leaking or rubber gasket is damaged; secondly, check whether the intake pipe in the cartridge is distorted, nozzle, switch, regulating valve and filter mesh permeability Whether the hole is blocked or not should be cleaned and dredged. If the vertical spray can not be sprayed, it may also be caused by the nozzle raised too high, should lower the nozzle, and maintain 60-70 degrees angle with the ground. The engine is difficult to start: first, the high-voltage line connecting the spark plug has a short-circuit phenomenon, usually a serious leakage occurs at one end of the spark plug, as long as the leakage part is cut off or a new high-voltage line is replaced, the fault can be eliminated; second, the spark plug leakage, can be measured by multimeter resistance spark plug center electrode and side electricity. The insulation resistance between the poles is infinite when normal, that is, the meter needle does not move. If the meter needle swings, it shows that the spark plug leakage, the greater the swing of the meter needle, the more serious the leakage, should replace the new spark plug. Mist sprayer spark plug does not jump: in the case of normal high-voltage line jump, the spark plug should be removed to see if there is carbon deposition, whether the electrode wet or gap is normal. Clean up the coke deposit or dry it according to the situation, and adjust the gap to about 0.6-0.7 mm. If the spark plug insulation is damaged or the electrode is burned out, it should be replaced. Drug into the fan: first check the intake rubber ring, if damaged or lost elasticity, must replace the new parts. If the gap between the intake apron and the intake plug is too large, a layer of adhesive tape can be wrapped around the intake plug to increase the tightness of the intake plug and the apron. If it is caused by the drop of the transparent plastic pipe between the air inlet plug and the filter screen, it needs to be installed again. Carburetor leak: When the gasoline engine stops, if the main nozzle is found to leak continuously, the reason may be that the balance lever of the carburetor is set too high or there is dirt in the needle valve, the needle valve seat should be cleaned and the balance lever should be lowered appropriately until no oil leak. Mist sprayer handgrip switch leakage: first check whether the switch cover is tightened, if it has been tightened, then check whether the sealing ring on the switch core has been worn, if it has been worn, need to replace. Then see whether the lapping contact surface between the cone surface of the switch core and the shell is sealed, if the seal is not good, it needs to be lapped to make it close. When the spark plug jumps normally, it is mostly caused by poor insulation of secondary coil in high voltage wire or ignition coil. The high voltage line or ignition line must be replaced. There are some impurities in the switch or tubing of When the engine is on fire, the fuel supply to the carburetor is less than that of the carburetor, and the oil level in the float chamber drops. When the engine is down to the position where the fuel can not be supplied to the cylinder, the generator will extinguish itself. It only needs to clear the oil road debris and dredge it. Mist sprayer suddenly stops fire in the middle of the fire: the reason is usually the magneto contact clearance is too large, spring elasticity weakened or spark plug air gap is too large. Adjustment method: Lower starting wheel, through the flywheel end face of two inspection holes, the fastening screw fastened on the bottom plate of the contacts of the power cutter is loosened, counterclockwise move the chassis, so that the gap between the contacts is in the range of 0.25-0.35 mm, screw can be tightened. Spark plug air gap adjustment method: the spark plug will be switched down, wipe off oil and clean up the coke, with a sharp nipper pull the side electrode (can not pull the center electrode) to adjust the air gap to the range of 0.6-0.7 mm. 8. engine overheating for a short time: the main reason is that the mixture is too thin. The main reason of insufficient fuel supply is that the mixture is too thin. The main reason of insufficient fuel supply is the obstruction of the oil pipeline, when the oil flow is not smooth, resulting in a shortage of supply; or carburetor problems. Elimination: First of all, we should find out the reasons for insufficient oil supply, and then take targeted measures to be cleaned or adjusted, so that the oil pipeline is smooth, sufficient oil supply. Remove the filter screen and spray hose, open the water outlet switch, press down the pressure relief handle, loosen the pressure regulating handwheel, make the pressure regulating spring in a relaxed state, use the hand to rotate the engine or pump, remove the water in the pump, and scrub the unit surface dirt. Every day after the completion of the operation should be in the use of pressure, with water spraying for 2 to 5 minutes, cleaning the pump and pipeline residual liquid medicine, to prevent Mist sprayer residual liquid corrosion of the body.
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