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How to distinguish the merits of the pvc garden hose?


1. Wall thickness: Check whether the wall thickness of the pvc garden hose meets the requirements, but you should pay attention to the fact that the garden pipe is a time-out pipe, and the wall thickness on both sides of the pipe is required but the middle part of the garden pipe is used to reduce costs by taking time out. .
2, the amount of length: see pvc garden hose whether to achieve the required length, some manufacturers reduce the length by reducing the price. According to GB/T10002.1-2006 regulations do not allow any deviation
Second, look:
1, see the degree of saturation: pvc garden hose surface saturation is good, looks very good oil is a good quality pvc garden hose.
2, see the color: the standard high-quality PVC hose is yellow, if the white pipe that calcium powder added excessively, some manufacturers add some waste to make pvc garden hose hair black
Third, weight:
Weighing: Weigh the two pipes of the same diameter, wall thickness, and length. The weight of the calcium powder and impurities are too much to add. The material is not pure enough to meet the requirements.
Fourth, forcefully drop:
If there is pvc garden hose can fall to try, some manufacturers will add calcium powder in order to save costs, making it less than the required hardness.
Fifth, check:
1. Test report: A test report for the tube and a test report for the health index should be obtained. It is best to read the original.
2. Technical indicators (according to GB/T10002.1-2006);
3, Vicat softening temperature ≥ 80 °C;
4, longitudinal retraction rate ≤ 5%;
5. The hydraulic test was conducted in a 20-degree environment with a ring stress of 36 MPa/38 MPa. No cracking or leakage occurred after 1 hour.
Through the above method, you can buy to qualified pvc garden hose

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